Tire Shine Plus Gallon

$49.00 $44.95

Safe on tires, rims, vinyl, plastic and rubber. Leaves a satin smooth finish. The same simple spray-on, wipe off technology. Tire Shine Plus does not contain any petroleum solvents which means it is good for the environment and it will not sling on your car when you drive.

To Use:

Wheels- Spray directly on wheels and wipe off with a twice folded microfiber towel


Matte Look- Spray an even coat on tire, wipe tire once with twice folded microfiber towel

Wet Shine- Spray each tire with an even coat of Tire Shine Plus, DO NOT WIPE, Tire Shine Plus will dry clear


For vinyl, plastic and rubber- Spray Tire Shine Plus directly on twice folded microfiber towel, wipe over desired area, flip towel to dry side and wipe over treated area