Wrap Care Gloss & Color Enhancer 32oz


Wrap Care GLOSS & COLOR ENHANCER leaves a coating that will adhere and magnify the Gloss & Color of your wrap. This coating helps to act as a barrier against most contaminants.

  • Illuminates your gloss and color!
  • Magnifies Gloss
  • Add depth to colors
  • Use for light cleaning and finger print removal
  • Spray on and wipe in technology
  • Water Based Eco Responsible Formula
  • Helps your wrap stand out from the others
  • No VOCs/ No listed Hazardous Materials


  • Always use with clean twice folded Microfiber towels.
  • Use on just cleaned wrap surfaces (CroftgateUSA Matte & Gloss)
  • Do not use on hot surface. If wrap surface is hot, allow it to cool down before using Wrap Care Matte & Gloss Sealant.

STEP 1: Spray Sealant onto a twice-folded microfiber towel to presoak the towel surface.

STEP 2: Spray Sealant onto one panel at a time and rub with presoaked microfiber towel.

STEP 3: Use second clean microfiber towel to lightly buff surface. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 until all sections are sealed